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Working environment of workstation 1 - Highslide JS
Working environment of workstation 1
© Michael Murr
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© Michael Murr
more details: here

My entry into the world of computers was in the 1980s and like many others I started with the C64. My first PC was an 8086 - 4.77 MHz with 5,25" und 3,5" floppy drive and a 20 MB hard drive. While there was still running MS-Dos 2.11 on the PCs at school, my PC already had MS-DOS 3.3.
Only a year later I switched to an 80286 - 16 MHz with MS-DOS 4.01 and Windows 3.0.
My first programming experience I already got with BASIC on the C64. Later I was programming in GW-Basic, QuickBasic, PASCAL, COBOL and a little bit in C. On Windows I am developing software in VisualBasic or VBA.
Today I do my work as web developer almost in PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and some VBA.
On the following pages I describe hardware and software, I am working or was working with. I also present projects that I am currently working on, was working on, or that I am planning for the future.