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The 32 physical characteristics of a Kumari

Not every girl can become a Kumari. Five priests select the girl from the Newar Ethnie, the caste of gold- and silversmiths. The horoscope of the girl has to harmonize with the kings. A Kumari may never have lost during her life, so she only can remain a Kumari up to the beginning of puberty. Also the 32 following 32 physical characteristics has to be fulfilled:
  1. Shapely feet
  2. A circle under the sole of foot
  3. A well-formed heel
  4. Long toes
  5. Feet and hands like a duck
  6. Tender and supple feet and hands
  7. A body formed like a Saptacchata leaf
  8. The thighs of a deer
  9. Genitals positioned deep in the pelvis
  10. Round shoulders
  11. The chest of a lion
  12. Long arms
  13. A pure body
  14. A neck like a mussel
  15. Cheeks like a lion
  16. Forty teeth (?)
  17. shapely teeth
  18. White teeth
  19. A small tongue
  20. A moist tongue
  21. The deep voice of a sparrow
  22. Black blue eyes
  23. The lashes of a cow
  24. A beautiful shadow
  25. A gold-colored shadow
  26. A beautiful skin color
  27. straight, but turning to the right hair
  28. Black blue hair
  29. A broad forehead
  30. Around head
  31. A body like a banyan tree (Nyagrodha)
  32. A strong body
Source: »Kailash. A Journal of Himalayan Studies«, 1974, Bd. II, Nr. 3