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Preeti Shakya (Kathmandu)

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Preeti Shakya
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Preeti Shakya
10.07.2001 - 11:55
2001 - 2008

About Preeti Shakya:

Still during the last search for a successor of Rashmila hundreds of parents had submitted the horoscopes of their daughters, who are possibly nominated for Kumari, because such a nomination is regarded as a privilege. In the year 2000, when the Kumari committee was searching a successor of Amita, only 5 parents were willing to give their daughters for selection.

When the Kumari committee came to the parents of Preeti, her mother was undecided, whether she should let her daughter participate in the selection, or not. "I rather did not want to submit the horoscope of my daughter.", Pretis mother, Reena Shakya said. "But however I could not say no?"
Preetis horoscope harmonized with that of the king. The next step was, to check the 32 characteristics. The wife of the priest confirmed that Preeti fulfills the 32 characteristics. So the three-year-old Preeti was brought in the Kumari Bahal, in order to live there with the family of her caretakers. "You surely can imagine, what a mother although feels.", Reena explains. "For years my child will grow up without me. When she was fetched, it was quite plain to me, that she already has transformed into a goddess."

In the last three years Reena Shakya visited her daughter only once a week in the Kumari Bahal. "I went there as a normal devotee.", Reena said. "I think of her as a goddess, before I think of here as my daughter." Preetis older sister was allowed to play with the little goddess every Saturday. From her Reena got the information that Preeti meanwhile was a cheerful, active six-year-old girl, which likes to dress up, eat ice cream and eagerly to welcome her devotees.

Preeti Shakya weeps bitter tears when she leaves the Kumari Bahal. Nine years the devotees have adored her as royal Kumari. Now she will be banished out of the paradise, because she reached puberty and so is considered as flawed. One day Preeti Shakya will advance her view. But first the just discharged goddess (2008) has to find her way in the life of mortals.