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Matina Shakya (Kathmandu)

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Matina Shakya
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Matina Shakya
07.10.2008 - 11:39
2008 - 2017

About Matina Shakya:

"It is decided: Matina Shakya will be announced as the new Kumari." Matina Shakya, daughter of the Nepalese watchmaker Pratapman Shakya and his wife Sunita Shakya, was appointed the new Royal Kumari of Kathmandu at 07.10.2008 11:39 local time. Dressed in red silk and the hair decorated with red flowers, Matina Shakya receives the confirmation as a living goddess from the priests and president Ram Baran Yadav. During the centuries-old ceremony of enthronement Hindu and Buddhist priests are singing holy hymns and overwhelms the new Kumari with flowers and grains of rice.

Dozens of people from the medieval quarter of Kathmandu followed the procession, when the girl was carried by her family from their house to the Kumari Bahal, where she will spend the next years. "It was a hard decision to allow that she becomes a Kumari.", her father said. "I will miss Matina very much, but it is a high privilege to have a Kumari as a daughter. And we also make a contribution to achieve an important part of our culture."

Matina remains in completely silence during the ten-minutes-procession, which represents the beginning of her life as a goddess. She seemed completely unimpressed of the excitement around her and smiles happy to the photographers.

Source: shadmia.com/2008/10/10/the-new-kumari-matina-shakya (Link is no longer available)