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At the beginning was ... - Highslide JS
At the beginning was ...

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1996-06-12 - At the beginning was ...
... nothing, only one mailbox with 4 modem lines at the company Intuit.
A mailbox was a computer, to which were attached a few modems. With your own modem you could connect this computer via phone line and download data. The maximum speed thereby was 14.400 bit/s, later 56.600 bit/s.
In our case the customer could download service packs ans patches of our sowtware. The demand rose, but the lines were limited. At this time Intuit Deutschland does not have an Internet presence. So I had the Idea to build a private website to provide the service packs and patches to our customers. That was the birthday of my website.

Since the beginning the basic structure with the head, navigation and content areas stays the same. The files for our customers could be downloaded directly from the first page. Three topic pages, which were my own topics, could also be viewed.
The page contained the topics Quicken, Railway, Edith Stein and Jokes.

The mistake - Highslide JS
The mistake

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March 1999 - The mistake
The design of my website is no longer up to date and a new one has to bee created. In the web I have looked for some sites and the design of the Siemens AG seams to be ok. So I provided a similar design, but then I was not happy about it.

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A new attempt

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June 1999 - A new attempt
The Design from March only survived three months. I was not happy with it. The navigation was moved to the left side and a contact form has been implemented.

New topics have been implemented: Software, Soccer, Friends in the net, About me, and about the tv series "Hinter Gittern".

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No graphical navigation

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2001 - No graphical navigation
The graphical navigation on the main page has been removed. On the right side some interested Links has been implemented. The topic "Hinter Gittern" has been terminated.

PHP was implemented - Highslide JS
PHP was implemented

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Summer 2003 - PHP was implemented
With the implementation of PHP, there are completely new possibilities. The topic "soccer" now contains a searchable database.

Also was implemented a new design of the website. The design has aroused out of the project "Carve Out" at Infineon and Siemens. Because of a new regulation of the design in the company net, this design never was used.

Database-supported navigation - Highslide JS
Database-supported navigation

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December 2005 - Database-supported navigation
The Design nearly remained the same. Some corrections were made. The substantial innovation was the integration of a database-supported navigation.

Conclusion with Infineon - Highslide JS
Conclusion with Infineon

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Summer 2006 - Conclusion with Infineon
After three years a new design has been implemented. A discussion forum was tested.

Michael Murr IT-Lösungen - Highslide JS
Michael Murr IT-Lösungen

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Summer 2007 - Michael Murr IT-Lösungen
Because of the foundation of my company "Michael Murr IT-Lösungen" a change of the design is necessary. My private homepage should look similar like the company homepage.
The discussion forum did not work satisfactorily and has been terminated.

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The Kumari

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October 2008 - The Kumari
The Kumari is the first completely new topic integrated for years.
The Navigation now is completely changed to database-supported version. In this new version it is possible to call each page directly with a page ID.

The Kumari II - Highslide JS
The Kumari II

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July 2010 - The Kumari II
After the railway subject area the Kumari subject area has become the second largest of my website. Therefore, there were some minor changes in the database.
The most significant change was the redesign of the website and the implementation of a pull-down menue.
A new function on the website is the Ariadne path, also known as breadcrumb navigation. This shows the user where on the site he currently is.
Also a sitemap (table of contents) is now available.

The fusion - Highslide JS
The fusion

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November 2011 - The Fusion
The content of my company website was partly included in this website. The topic "about me" now contains the subitems "my skills" and "my references".
In the subject areas Railway and Kumari, some new pages were added.
The Forum was shut down and replaces with a Facebook page. Thereby no extra registration is neccessary and you can share posts to the topics of the website by using your facebook account. If you like my website, I would be happy about your "LIKE".

2011 - The year we make contact - Highslide JS
2011 - The year we make contact

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November 7th 2011 - 2011 - The year we make contact
On November, 7th 2011 Michael's WebSite goes online on Facebook.

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The next generation

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December 2012 - The next generation
The layout of the site was reworked and prepared for implementation of new functions. The width of the page was set to 1200 because mor than 84% of the visitors are using a screen width of 1280 pixels or more. The content area is designed so that it is also readable with a screen width of 800 pixels by a unique "Centre adjustment" without constant "left-right scrolling".
A "print button" is implemented to make it easier to print the content of single pages.

List of changes:
- Change of the layout
- Page width now is at 1200 pixel
- A "print button" was implemented
- A Sidebar was implemented
- Subscription via Facebook- or Twitter-Account

20 Years Michael
20 Years Michael's WebSite

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2016 - 20 years Michael's WebSite
20 years ago all has started, when I made a small download page for software updates. Much has changed since that time. Big changes are imminent yet. For the 20th birthday, Michael's Web site gets a new look and new or revised content.
A judgment of the Landgericht Düsseldorf declared: Social-Plugins are illegal. To avoid reprimands and monetary fines, I'm unfortunately forced to resign from any kind of Social-Plugins. Facebook and Twitter had to be removed from the WebSite. I'm still only allowed to use a Link to my Facebook-Page.

List of changes:
- Change of the layout and design
- Optimizing of navigation
- Optimizing of print layout
- Revision of photogallery funktions
- Cancellation of the SideBar
- Social-Plugins removed

Michaels Website goes Mobile - Highslide JS
Michaels Website goes Mobile

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2018 - Michaels Website goes Mobile
For a long time I refused the mobile trend and did not use a smartphone myself. But meanwhile I needed one. But I still do not understand that there are people who prefer to surf the web with smartphone than with PC. For years, the trend has been larger screens, and now we are using very small ones again. Well, you have your smartphone with you everywhere.
Well, then I have to bow to the trend and offer a mobile version of my website. The main difference to the PC version is the navigation. The menu is opened via a menu button on the top left side and the navigation area on the left side is missing in the mobile version due to space limitations.
Due to the EU-GDPR it became necessary to stop the Facebook page to my website. But you are welcome to subscribe to my private profile to get information about me and my website: My profile on Facebook.

List of changes:
- New: Mobile version - New: Beginning to implement more accessibility - Little changes on Layout
- Optimizing of structure
- Optimizing of design
- Closing of the Facebook page
- general updates

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