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Dil Kumari Shakya (Kathmandu)

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No photo of this Kumari
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Dil Kumari Shakya
1933 - 1942

About Dil Kumari Shakya:

"I wish, I never would have become a Kumari", the Nepalese, Dil Kumari Shakya, says. She was worshipped by the people for eight years and also the king knelt down in front of her. Dil was Kumari, a living goddess, in Nepal.

Poorly the former goddess, today more than 70 years old, lives in Kathmandu. After her time as Kumari, which ended in the age of 13 years, she learned to be a dressmaker, one of the least considered jobs in Nepal. Her income is hardly enough for the meal.
"The neighbors respect me.", Dil comforts herself. Kumaris receives high prestige in the Kathmandu valley.

Contrary to other ex-Kumaris Dil looks less positive on her life and her experiences as Kumari. The superstitiousness, that former Kumaris will bring bad luck and their husbands will die soon, seems to have proven to be true with Dil. She found a husband, but he died very early. So she looks back on her life filled with bitterness. She comforts herself with the fact, that she could save her daughters from the devine fate. "I strictly resisted, that one of my daughters becomes a Kumari", Dil is pleased.