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Michael Murr, Betreiber der Website

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Michael Murr

Date of birth:
E-Mail privat:   webmaster@michael-murr.de
Homepage:   www.michael-murr.de
Xing:   www.xing.com/profile/Michael_Murr
Facebook:   www.facebook.com/MurrMichael
YouTube:   YouTube Channel
School and Education
1981-09 - 1985-07:   St. Gotthard primary school, Hengersberg
1985-09 - 1986-02:   Abt Bernhard Hilz secondary general school, Hengersberg
1986-02 - 1988-07:   Edith-Stein secondary general school, Unterschleißheim
1988-09 - 1992-07:   Edith-Stein intermediate school, Unterschleißheim - School leaving certificate of Intermediate School
1993-07 - 1995-06:   Education as management assistant in data processing at BFZ Peters, Waldkraiburg - IHK Certificate: management assistant in data processing
1995-12 - 1997-09:   Employee as techncal support representative at Intuit Deutschland GmbH, which meanwhile is acquired by Lexware.
1998-02 - 2000-09:   Employee as web- and database administrator at BKG GmbH - project work at Siemens AG semiconductor group, which was spun off in April 1999 as Infineon Technologies AG
2000-10 - 2006-07:   Employee as organization applications supporter at Infineon Technologies AG
2006-08 - heute:   Voluntary development of the 'SBZ-Net'
2007-03 - 2011-12:   Owner / CEO of the Michael Murr IT-Lösungen
Hobbys / Interests:   This WebSite, Kumari-Tradition (Nepal), Railway / Public transport, IT (Information Technology), Swimming

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