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The Kumari, the living goddess of Patan / Lalitpur (Nepal)

The Kumari of Patan is, like her colleague in Kathmandu too, only allowed to leave the house for major festivals and is tutored by a private teacher. Indeed she lives in the house of her parents.

Kumaris of Patan / Lalitpur:

Marital status

Sanira Bajracharya
1985 - 1992 ?
Chandra Shila Bajracharya
1992 - 2001
Chanira Bajracharya
2001 - 2010
Samita Bajracharya
2010 - 2014
Yunika Bajracharya
2014 - 2018
Nihira Bajracharya
2018 - ?

+ = deceased
oo = married

A characteristic of Patan is the Dhana (Dharma) Kumari. Today (2010) she is 58 years old. She also is called "The old Kumari of Patan". By the natives she is considered to be holy till this day.
A legend says that the responsible priest of the Dhana (Dharma) Kumari wanted to cancel her pension when her mandate was determined by the beginning of her menstruation. After announcing this, the priest died suddenly and unexpectedly.
The natives of Patan believe till this day that the priest was punished by the Gods for this illegal cancellation of the Kumari pension.

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