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Nani Mayju Shakya (Kathmandu)

No photo of this Kumari - Highslide JS
No photo of this Kumari
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© Michael Murr
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Nani Mayju Shakya
1961 - 1969

About Nani Mayju Shakya:

Nani Mayju was Kumari of Kathmandu in the sixties. Meanwhile she is married, mother of a son and two daughters and leads her own pharmacy.

She gladly remembers the time in the Bahal. "I have so fond memories about my time as Kumari. I loved my caretakers at the Bahal more than my own family. I still visit the Kumari and her attendants every week. I feel blessed to have been a Kumari. It is a real privilege. My husband feels otherwise. When the priests asked us if we offer our daughter, he refused. He rather would see our daughter receive an education. If I see the chariot pulled trough the streets of Kathmandu on Indra Jatra Festival, my heart is full of joy and memories."

The difficulties of the normal life let her often become nostalgic for the safety of the divine past. "I have a recurring dream. I am persecuted by an unknown divinity through the streets of Kathmandu. I run and run and I am only in security, when I reach Kumari Bahal."