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Michaels WebSite - Kumari cult in Nepal, Railway and public transportation
Michaels railway pages - Information about railroads and public transport
Railway lines of interest all arround the world
The Vorwaldbahn (former KBS 876) Deggendorf - Hengersberg - Sch├Âllnach - Eging - Kalteneck
The history of the railway in Hengersberg
First train to Hengersberg
The definitive end of the railway line after 91 years
Photos of the 3. "Christkindl-Express" (Sch├Âllnach - Hengersberg - Deggendorf) on 2001-12-08
German railway company (DB) limits steam locomotive trips - "Christkindlmarkt-Express" may not drive to Hengersberg
Nostalgic steam locomotive trip with the "Christkindlmarkt-Express"
From Hengersberg via own tracks into the whole world
Enter the steam train - Announcement of the special trip on Sunday 2013-08-18
Photos of the Steamtrainextra-tour at 2013-08-18 between Hengersberg and Deggendorf
By steam train to Hengersberg on 2013-08-18 - Anniversary trips from Deggendorf
The Waldbahn (KBS 905) Plattling - Deggendorf - Regen - Zwiesel - Bayerisch Eisenstein
Rail traffic: Region needs improvements
Historical steam train stops at Deggendorf on 1998-09-26
New railway bridge, crossing the Danube, in operation
Photos from the visit at the Lokalbahnmuseums at Bayerisch Eisenstein on 1999-07-03
Day trip with the "Waldbahn" on 2004-06-12
The Railway line M├╝nchen - Freising - Landshut - Plattling - Passau
Historical orient express stops again at the railwayman city Plattling
Minister makes some pressure on the German railway company
Hourly express trains from Passau to Munich starting from 2009
A train named: Osterhofen
The express trains should arrive in time
Air-conditioned into the modern railway time
The new express arrived in Plattling
Photos from the stop of the orient express at Plattling on 1999-03-20
Donau-Isar-Express: Delays and trains to short - compensations for commuters planned
Passau - Munich in 1:56 hours: But that was 30 years ago
Does the railway decay in East Bavaria
The long way to Munich
Two-track expansion of the line Plattling - Landshut is approaching
List of maintenance work
The Janakpur Railway - Nepals longest railway line
Piroschka by train
The Schafbergbahn in St. Wolfgang ├ľBB-KBS 173
Traditional Railroad Radebeul Ost - Radeburg
Trip to Nepal from 19th January till 30th January 2016
The "M├╝nchner Verkehrsverbund" (MVV)
The History of the MVV
Technical data of the MVV vehicles
Subway Munich
Subway Munich - Aidenbachstra├če
Subway Munich - Alte Heide
Subway Munich - Am Hart
Subway Munich - Arabellapark
Subway Munich - Basler Stra├če
Subway Munich - B├Âhmerwaldplatz
Subway Munich - Bonner Platz
Subway Munich - Bruderm├╝hlstra├če
Subway Munich - Candidplatz
Subway Munich - Dietlindenstra├če
Subway Munich - D├╝lferstra├če
Subway Munich - Feldmoching
Subway Munich - Forstenrieder Allee
Subway Munich - Frankfurter Ring
Subway Munich - Fraunhoferstra├če
Subway Munich - Freimann
Subway Munich - Friedenheimer Stra├če
Subway Munich - Fr├Âttmaning
Subway Munich - F├╝rstenried West
Subway Munich - Garching
Subway Munich - Garching-Forschungszentrum
Subway Munich - Garching-Hochbr├╝ck
Subway Munich - Georg-Brauchle-Ring
Subway Munich - Gern
Subway Munich - Giesing
Subway Munich - Giselastra├če
Subway Munich - Goetheplatz
Subway Munich - Gro├čhadern
Subway Munich - Haderner Stern
Subway Munich - Harras
Subway Munich - Harthof
Subway Munich - Hasenbergl
Subway Munich - Hauptbahnhof ( U1 / U2 )
Subway Munich - Hauptbahnhof ( U4 / U5 )
Subway Munich - Heimeranplatz
Subway Munich - Hohenzollernplatz
Subway Munich - Holzapfelkreuth
Subway Munich - Implerstra├če
Subway Munich - Innsbrucker Ring
Subway Munich - Josephsburg
Subway Munich - Josephsplatz
Subway Munich - Karl-Preis-Platz
Subway Munich - Karlsplatz (Stachus) ( U4 / U5 )
Subway Munich - Kieferngarten
Subway Munich - Klinikum Gro├čhadern
Subway Munich - Kolumbusplatz
Subway Munich - K├Ânigsplatz
Subway Munich - Kreillerstra├če
Subway Munich - Laimer Platz
Subway Munich - Lehel
Subway Munich - Machtlfinger Stra├če
Subway Munich - Maillingstra├če
Subway Munich - Mangfallplatz
Subway Munich - Marienplatz
Subway Munich - Max-Weber-Platz
Subway Munich - Messestadt Ost
Subway Munich - Messestadt West
Subway Munich - Michaelibad
Subway Munich - Milbertshofen
Subway Munich - Moosfeld
Subway Munich - M├╝nchner Freiheit
Subway Munich - Neuperlach S├╝d
Subway Munich - Neuperlach Zentrum
Subway Munich - Nordfriedhof
Subway Munich - Obersendling
Subway Munich - Odeonsplatz ( U3 / U6 )
Subway Munich - Odeonsplatz ( U4 / U5 )
Subway Munich - Olympia-Einkaufszentrum
Subway Munich - Olympiazentrum
Subway Munich - Ostbahnhof
Subway Munich - Partnachplatz
Subway Munich - Petuelring
Subway Munich - Poccistra├če
Subway Munich - Prinzregentenplatz
Subway Munich - Quiddestra├če
Subway Munich - Richard-Strauss-Stra├če
Subway Munich - Rotkreuzplatz
Subway Munich - Scheidplatz
Subway Munich - Schwanthalerh├Âhe
Subway Munich - Sendlinger Tor ( U1 / U2 )
Subway Munich - Sendlinger Tor ( U3 / U6 )
Subway Munich - Silberhornstra├če
Subway Munich - St.-Quirin-Platz
Subway Munich - Stiglmaierplatz
Subway Munich - Studentenstadt
Subway Munich - Thalkirchen (Zoo)
Subway Munich - Therese-Giehse-Allee
Subway Munich - Theresienstra├če
Subway Munich - Theresienwiese
Subway Munich - Trudering
Subway Munich - Universit├Ąt
Subway Munich - Untersbergstra├če
Subway Munich - Westendstra├če
Subway Munich - Westfriedhof
Subway Munich - Westpark
Subway Munich - Wettersteinplatz
Munich city buses
Munich tramway
The "Augsburger Verkehrsverbund" (AVV)
The History of the AVV
Technical data of the AVV vehicles
Augsburger tramway
more images and text about railway
Poem: Deutsche Bahn wir lieben Dich
Expensive adventure with the german railway company
Photos from the visit at the Verkehrsmuseum N├╝rnberg on 2000-09-27
Photos from the flood at Dresden central station on 2002-08-13
Photos from my holiday at the Versilliacoast Cinque Terre (2003-04-21 - 2003-04-25)
The "Bayrische Oberlandbahn (BOB)"
Edith Stein - Overview
Edith Stein
Curriculum vitae of Edith Stein
Edith Stein - A life for the rescue of germany and the peace of the world
Edith Stein - from the atheist to the holy
Why "Edith-Stein-School
Poem: Moritat SBZ
The amazing welcome sums for Mr. Hohlmeiers school
Photos of the school building extension at the Edith-Stein-School, taken at the visit on 2006-07-27
"Ehemaligen-Stammtisch" der Edith-Stein-School
The Kumari (The living goddesses of Nepal)
The Kumari (Kumari Bahal)
The Kumari (The History)
The Kumari (The legends)
The Kumari (The characteristics)
The Kumari (Rituals, Tests, Festivals)
The Kumari (The cycle - Once goddess and back)
The Kumari (Further information)
The acting and former Kumaris of Nepal
The Royal Kumari of Kathmandu
The Kumari (ex-Kumari: Hira Maiya Shakya)
The Kumari (ex-Kumari: Dil Kumari Shakya)
The Kumari (ex-Kumari: Nani Mayju Shakya)
The Kumari (ex-Kumari: Anita Shakya)
The Kumari (ex-Kumari: Rashmila Shakya)
The Kumari (ex-Kumari: Preeti Shakya)
The Kumari (sitting Kumari: Matina Shakya)
The Kumari of Bhaktapur
The Kumari (ex-Kumari: Sajani Shakya)
The Kumari (sitting Kumari: Shreeya Bajracharya)
The Kumari of Patan / Lalitpur
The Kumari (Kumari: Dharma Kumari Bajracharya)
The Kumari (ex-Kumari: Chanira Bajracharya)
The Kumari (sitting Kumari: Samita Bajracharya)
The Kumari of Bungamati
The Kumari of District Kilagar
The Kumari of Kwa Bahal (Kathmandu)
The Kumari of Sankhu
The Kumari (Dyo Maiju - Poem in honours of the Kumari)
The Kumari (living god found)
Michaels Photogallery
Michaels joke pages (overview)
World Cup 1930 - 2010
Europe Cup 1996 - 2008
Michaels Quicken-Page
Michaels joke pages (overview)
Poem: Die Nacht bevor MS-Monney kam
The company trip
Control law for the lowering of the people existence in the Federal Republic of Germany
The SuperDaU
The 10 requirements to read a Skriptes
The Christmas bonus
The Christmas lighting
Is there Santa Claus?
The pill bunch
City lady - land girl / "Stadtdame - Landm├Ądchen"
IT jokes
New dangerous virus: WORK
Bill Gates versus General Motors (GM)
Appendix to the employee contract
Code of behavior for IT employees
Poem: Ab in den Osten, der Arbeit hinterher!
Poem: Lyric poetry to the financial crisis
Why you should always look at the homework of your children! (want to be like mommy)
Belt-tightening - Project "IMPACT XXL"
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