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Dhana (Dharma) Kumari Bajracharya (Patan / Lalitpur)

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Dhana (Dharma) Kumari Bajracharya
1953 - 1985 ?

About Dhana (Dharma) Kumari Bajracharya:

Because of her long reign, It is said that she holds the real power ...
Dhana (Dharma) Kumari Bajracharya has found permanent refuge and safety. She never had to adjust to the everyday life. Taleju had never left her, she claims.
The 58-year-old (2009) "living goddess" lives with her mother in Patan, today Lalitpur, in a beautiful, traditional Newar house with elaborately carved windows and small doors. Her father died 39 years ago. Like the child goddesses Dhana (Dharma) Kumari also speaks very little. Her mother, Siddhi Laxmi, is a devout woman of 84 years (2009).
"When my daughter was two years old, I found her playing with two snakes in her room. One was red, the other one was yellow. In the same year she was selected as Kumari. The astrologers predicted, that she will reign longer then every other Kumari."

There were heavy discussions, when a young girl was appointed to formally replace her as the Kumari of Patan. The priests summoned Dhana (Dharma) Kumari to the temple in order to examine whether Talejus spirit still resides in her.
But they could not determine indications of loss of blood. She also never had menstruated. All they found, was a small scratch on the ear. Therefore they said, that she could no longer be the Kumari.
To the question, what she thinks about that, she answers: "It is not my, but Talejus decision. If she is ready to leave me, she will."

"She was never taught to read or write and yet she reads the sutras and practices ceremonies," her mother explains. "She never was unhappy that she nearly never was allowed to leave her home, because she knew everything that goes on outside."

"She sees everything. She sees the future. She is free inside."