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The Kumari, the living goddess of Kwa Bahal (Kathmandu)

Kwa Bahal is the home of the tantric priest Wak Bajra, who brought the Stupa Sigha Chaitya the whole way from Benaras to Kathmandu. After he had installed the stupa, he came to this house to spend the remainder of his life in meditation.
Although his body must have decayed long ago, nobody has entered his room until this day in order to not disturb his meditation.

This Bahal has its own Kumari, which is selected from the children of the Vajracharya families. The selection process is the same as with the Royal Kumari of Kathmandu. The Kumari in Kwa Bahal is held to be the incarnation of Vajradeva, a purely Buddhist deity.

Source: http://www.planetware.com/kathmandu/kwa-bahal-nep-cn-kokb.htm (Link no longer available)

Kumaris Kwa Bahal:

Marital status

+ = deceased
oo = married

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