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Samita Bajracharya (Patan / Lalitpur)

Samita Bajracharya, 4th June 2013, Rato Machindranath Jatra - Highslide JS
Samita Bajracharya, 4th June 2013, Rato Machindranath Jatra
© Shikhar Bhattarai
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© Shikhar Bhattarai
more details: here

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Samita Bajracharya
2010 - 2014

About Samita Bajracharya:

After the enthronement as Kumari of Patan, Samitas life has changed. She does not go to school anymore, is not allowed to play outside and must nor be touched by her friends. All that would make her ritually impure. However, a part of her childlike life has been preserved. At seven o'clock in the mornig Samita gets up, celebrates the Nitya Puja and then she eats her favorite breakfast - eggs and fresh juice. On weekend sche can invite friends to play, but during the week her mother is her only friend.

Like the most children of her age, Samita loves to watch cartoons. From the St. Xavier's school she got a computer and the Management Committee of the school will pay for the costs of her education. Samita will be taught three hours every day at home, where she also will sit her final examination.

Before the religious festivals Samitas mother helps her with her make-up and carefully to put on her jewelry, which will be handed down from one Kumari to the next one. Then her parents and members of the Guthi carry her to the venue of the festival. Her feet must not touch the ground, otherwise she will become impure. Devotees crowd around her to donate flowers and money or to touch her feet, what is believed to bring good luck. At some festivals a special puja at Kumari Ghar, the House of the living Goddess, is organized.

In the evening, after she has fulfilled her duties as Kumari, she washes of her make-up and becomes a normal girl again, who spends time with her family or studies by candlelight as also the most Nepalese children do.

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