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Railways and local public transport systems are a further one of my hobbies beside IT. So it also got a place on my homepage. Here I have published interesting and worth knowing information and I hope it is helpful for you and you enjoy it.

Die Vorwaldbahn: This topic contains information about the railway line "Kalteneck - Eging - Schöllnach - Hengersberg - Deggendorf". Today the mostly part of the distance is removed and the line slowly comes into oblivion. But it is closely connected with the fate of the whole world, because its completion on 1. August 1914 has let come true the prophecy of the "Waldpropheten Mühlhiasl": "If the iron worm comes into the Bavarian forest, a devastating war will begin." On the next day the 1. World War began.

Munich - Passau: Nearly each event in my life is in some way connected with this railway line. Thousands of happy and bad hours I already spent on this line. Here are some Information about the line "Munich - Freising - land hat - Plattling - Passau".

The Janakpur Railway: The Janakpur Railway is the longest railway line of Nepal.

MVV: After more than 20 years in Munich I have experience with the "Münchner Verkehrsverbund". Therefore it gets also a place at my website.

AVV: Also the "Augsburger Verkehrsverbund" gets a place here.

more railway: And here you can find all that not fits in any other topic on the railway pages.

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