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Michael Murr, owner of the website

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Dear User,

I am pleased to welcome you at my websites and I am sure that you will find what you are looking for at my site.
My name is Michael Murr and I am born in 1974 in Bavaria, Germany. The first time, I got contact to the internet, was in 1995. and since 1996 I am running this website. The constantly enhancement of the content as well as the technology you can see in website history.

Since the beginning of time the railway is fascinating me, so that is why it is a essential part of my page. In addition to the description of interesting railway lines, there is also information about Munichs and Augsburgs Public Transportation Association and more.

Kumaris, the living goddesses of Nepal meanwhile have become the second essential topic of my homepage. Incidentally I got a news article about this topic in October 2008, which led me to further research, so that the topic fascinates me till this day.

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