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Michaels WebSite - Kumaris of Nepal, Railroad and Computer

Michael Murr, owner of the website - Highslide JS
Michael Murr, owner of the website

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Dear User,

I am pleased to welcome you on my websites and I am sure that you will find what you are looking for here.

About the content of my Website:

Kumaris, the living goddesses of Nepal meanwhile have become an essential topic of my homepage. Incidentally I got a news article about this topic in October 2008, which led me to further research, so that the topic fascinates me till this day.
Since the beginning of time the railroad is fascinating me, so it is a essential part of my page too. Find descriptions of interesting railway lines and trips on my website.
Computer and IT is the third topic of this website. This topic just is under restarting on this site, so there is still little less content. But this will change soon.

About the author:

My name is Michael Murr and I was born 1974 in Bavaria, Germany. My schooling began 1981 at St. Gotthard elementary and Abt Bernhard Hilz secondary in Hengersberg. In February 1986 I changed to Edith-Stein secondary, leter to Edith-Stein intermediate in Unterschleißheim, where I completed 1992 with School leaving certificate of Intermediate School.
After my education as management assistant in data processing at BFZ Peters in Waldkraiburg I started my career in the technical support department of Intuit Deutschland GmbH, which meanwhile is acquired by Lexware. Here I got my first conact with internet. My project of a website, from which our customers could download software updates and patches, was the cornerstone of "Michael's Website", which I'm running since 1996.
As web and database developer on behalf of BKG GmbH, I took over the technical development of a company-wide information system for organization charts and work plans, regulations, circulars and forms as well as signature authorizations at Infineon Technologies AG, formerly Siemens Semiconductors.
In 2006 I left Infineon Technologies AG after a change of management and outsourcing of my business division and founded my own company named "Michael Murr IT-Lösungen" and worked in the area of web and database development.

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