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Interesting railways

On the following pages I have described some interesting railway lines from all over the world.

The Vorwaldbahn - former KBS 876:
(Kalteneck - Eging - Schöllnach - Hengersberg - Deggendorf)
This railway line can't be missen on my website, because it leads through my home town (Hengersberg. Although the route today, mostly already built out, slowly falls into oblivion, it is so closely connected with the fate of the world. Its completion on 1th August 1914 made true the prophecy of the forest prophet Mühlhiasl: "When the iron worm is coming in the forest, there will be a devastating war!" A day later the 1st World War began.

The Waldbahn - KBS 905:
(Plattling - Deggendorf - Regen - Zwiesel - Bayerisch Eisenstein)
Similarly often used by me, mostly on the part 'Plattling - Deggendorf', as like the Donau-Isar-Bahn, this line of my homeland has to get a place on my website too.

The Donau-Isar-Bahn - KBS 931:
(Passau - Plattling - Landshut (Bay) - Freising - München)
Almost every event in my life is somehow connected to this line. Thousands of happy, but also heavy hours I've already spent on this route.

The Janakpur Railway - Nepal:
(Bijalpura - Janakpur Dham - Khajuri / Nepal - Jaynagar / Indien)
The Janakpur railway is the longest, but also the only railway line in Nepal.

With a train to Piroschka - Ungarn:
(Szeged - Hódmezovásárhely - Székkutas - Orosháza - Békéscsaba)
This railway line with its famous station "Hódmezovásárhelykutasipuszta" most people know from the movie "Ich denke oft an Piroschka", created after the novel of Hugo Hartung, with same name.

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